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Thoughts for Strategic Business Planning 2016 -2017
Ambassador Program – Launched in 2016
Small Business Council – To be formed in order to promote the growth, success and recognition of business through exchange of information and knowledge. Special events focusing on the need to open new business in DFW/ Texas /USA, Acquire Funding, Federal, State and Local Laws, IRS, Tax matters etc.
Women in Business Council - The BCCUSA’s Women in Business group will seek to recognize Bangladeshi Business women as leaders, to provide a business network, to educate and motivate. Topics may include but not limited to : Women’s health, Continuing Education, Organization, Social Media ,Business Etiquette
Young Entrepreneur Network (YEN) - We the Board of Directors of BCCUSA believe that life for the young professionals in DFW should be exciting and full of opportunities. We also believe that magical things happen when a bunch of fun loving, success minded people are in the same room. YEN should be the place where they connect professionally, build a lasting friendship, share big ideas and invest in the future. Open to all ages, but specifically geared for age 21-40
Join the following Organizations for networking and membership benefits :
Asian American Chamber – Launched in 2016
DFW International:- – Texas Chamber of Commerce Executive & North Texas Chamber Executive.
Members Benefit :-
HealthCare Reform – Arrange seminars for small business
Savings Programs - Telephone ( GTalk) , Electricity ( Reliant)
M2M –Member to Member Discount. a savings opportunity
Spark Plug Award – For Small Business / Large Business
Scholarship Program – (We had it in the past)